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Jack Pad for Porsche

  • £12.75

1 x Porsche Jack Pad. Made in the UK and Machined out of 6082 Aluminium.
Fits into the jacking point on Porsche 911, 964, 993, 996, 997, 991 and Boxster and Cayman.
Can be used on axle stands and on trolley jacks.
The T-nut shape machined at the top of this jack pad tool is sized to fit into the 35mm by 25mm oval hole at the jack points of many Porsche chassis. The base of the tool is 68mm in diameter. The "shaft" on the T-nut is shaped such that the tool can only be turned 90 degrees in the oval hole. The tool hangs from the chassis point while a floor jack is positioned under the jack point. 
To use the jack pad adapter tool, simply insert the tool into the oval hole at the jack point and turn it 90 degrees to suspend the tool from the jack point. Maneuver your floor jack under the jack pad tool and lift the car. The tool allows you to lift the car without damaging the side skirts or undercarriage.
This jack pad tool is intended to be used with a floor jack with a flat bottomed cup that is at least 3-inches in diameter and no more than 3/8-inch deep. 

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