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Useful Information

Choosing the right product

Before ordering, you might find it helpful to read the information below to ensure that you are able to properly measure up and choose the correct parts for your requirements so that they fit your vehicle resulting in both comfort and safety.

Please read our Refund Policy for terms and conditions regarding ordering incorrect components.

Hubcentric Wheel Spacers

What does hubcentric mean? Hubcentric is an industry term. If a wheel spacer or PCD adapter is hubcentric it is specifically designed and manufactured to locate precisely and centrally on the vehicles hub. It will also replicate the vehicles hub on the front of the spacer that it will locate precisely in the back of the wheel.

The precision employed in the manufacture of hubcentric wheel spacers and PCD adapters ensures the wheel has no run out and spins concentrically to the vehicle hub. This concentric running eliminates wheel wobble often experienced with flat shim type spacers or on older vehicles with no central hub lip. 

 PCD Adapters

PCD Adapters alter the stud or bolt pattern of a vehicles hub. This enables the user to fit wheels from different vehicles or manufacturers to a car.

What does PCD mean?

PCD or Pitch Circle Diameter refers to the bolt pattern on a vehicles wheel hub. As an example, Volkswagen have many models that use a 5 x 112 PCD. So what does this mean? The "5" refers to the number of bolts or studs used to secure the wheel to the hub. The "112" refers to the diameter of the circle in mm. The bolt holes are positioned equally spaced in a circular pattern. If you drew a circle through the centre of each bolt hole, the measurement across the centre of the circle from one side to the other (the circle diameter) in our example would be  112mm.

What does CB mean?

CB refers to the Centre Bore. The Centre bore is the diameter or the hub spigot and / or the locating hole in the back of the wheel. Volkswagen have many models with a 57.1cb meaning the diameter of the locating spigot on the hub is 57.1mm. To calculate this, measure the diameter of the spigot from edge to edge. For custom jobs, we may also ask for the hub spigot length. Please see the image below for a guide on how to measure this. 

Wheel Offset

The offset of the wheel is the distance from the centreline of the wheel to the wheel mounting face. The centreline of the wheel is found by measuring across the width of the wheel and dividing this by 2. It is the centre point between the front and the back of the wheel. The offset is the distance from this centre point to the mounting face of the wheel. The mounting face is the flat back part of the wheel that touches the hub of the car. If the hub mounting face is towards the front of the wheel, it has a positive offset. If the hub mounting face is towards the back of the wheel in relation to the centre point, it has a negative offset. If the hub mounting face and wheel centreline are in alignment, the wheel has a 0 offset. Offsets are usually measured in mm.


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