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5x112 PCD 66.5CB Shim Spacers (Pair)

5x112 PCD 66.5CB Shim Spacers (Pair)

  • £18.75

5x112 PCD shim spacers. Larger diameter to suit the new larger hub.
Available in 3mm and 5mm.
These spacers are designed to fit a 66.5mm HUB and wheel bore. 


One of the most cost effective mods on the market and easy to fit. Simply unbolt your wheel, give the bore of the wheel and the face of the hub a good scrub with a wire brush to clean off any dirt, rust or debris, apply a little copper grease or similar to stop the faces sticking together and slide the spacer on to your existing hub. Check the spacer is sitting flush against the original hub with no visible gap, gently position the wheel on to the spacer spigot taking care not to damage the machined surfaces, secure the wheel with the extended bolts and torque them to the required spec.

We also manufacture custom parts as well as wheel spacers and adapters. Please contact us to discuss any enquiries you may have.

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